Toddler Care

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Toddler Care

Age Range:
15 months - 2 years
Areas of Learning:

Social & Creative Development

Language Development


Potty Training

Toddlers learn best by imitation, repetition, and exploration. At this age, their mobility allows them the independence to discover and explore the world around them.

Our caregivers provide a safe, warm, nurturing and positive environment for you child to grow and learn. Here are some of the skills your child will develop while in the Toddler Room:

  • Balancing
  • Building vocabulary skills
  • Running
  • Throwing
  • Fantasy play
  • Puzzles
  • Using his/her name
  • Rolling and kicking a ball
  • Identifying body parts
  • Enjoying literature
  • Drinking from a cup
  • Eating with utensils
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Singing songs
  • Pushing, pulling and carrying objects
  • Putting together 2-3 word sentences
  • Expressing emotions, wants, and needs
  • Sleeping on a cot
  • Sitting on a chair and at the table
  • Intro to Spanish
  • Follow simple directions
  • Recognizing colors