Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

Age Range:
5 - 12 years
Areas of Learning:

Science & Nature

Physical Education

Communication Skills

Academic Reinforcement

Friendship & Socialization

Summer Camp Programs for Kids Ages 5–12

Children’s learning shouldn’t stop when the end-of-year school bell rings—but it should become more fun! These sunny months before your child enters the next grade are an opportune time to expose him or her to new environments, experiences, and friends. It’s also important to keep your child engaged with subjects like reading, math, and science so he or she doesn’t fall behind before the start of a new school year. Our kids’ summer camp offers action and adventure, along with plenty of activities to advance important skills during your child’s break from preschool, kindergarten or elementary school.

Our Summer Camp for Kids Features:

Fun with Fitness: Exercise is important to children’s physical, emotional, and mental health, but unfortunately many kids don’t get enough of it during the summer. Whether dancing, swimming, or playing group sports, your child stays active in the secure, supervised indoor and outdoor environments of our summer camp.

Active Minds: Our skilled teachers weave fun math and science activities into your child’s summer camp experience, such as observing animals in their natural habitats during outdoor excursions. We also encourage reading through individual assignments and group activities.

Adventures in Nature: Children can be cooped up in the classroom for the majority of the school year. The warm summer months are the perfect time to get them out into the fresh air and sunlight. A new environment can also foster exploration and novel experiences.

Friends & Community: Many of our summer camp activities are group events where your child can make new friends and sharpen social skills. We also take field trips into the community, where kids learn to positively interact with the world outside of a familiar classroom.

Field Trips: What better time to venture to the jungle, under the sea, or to a time long, long ago than during the school-free months of summer? Our summer camp for kids is packed with fun, educational trips to zoos, aquariums, museums, and much, much more.

Healthy Habits: Exercise is one part of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition also plays a big role. Not only do we provide your child with a healthy choice of meals and snacks, but we also provide lessons about eating right in fun, interactive cooking classes.

Extended and Flexible Schedules: School may be out for kids in the summer, but parents still have to work. To accommodate your busy schedule, we offer extended and flexible summer camp hours.