Top 5 Pre K Schools in Oswego, IL

A quality pre k program will successfully prepare your child for kindergarten and elementary school. In addition, a productive program will foster a love of learning and nurture your child’s individual growth.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top pre k schools in Oswego, IL—check them out!

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1. Adventures in Learning, Oswego

Adventures in Learning centers its education on the Ascend Curriculum, which builds skill sets across nine different subjects, including math, Spanish, science, technology, reading, fitness, and more. This unique curriculum focuses on the developmental milestones of children, helping them to feel confident and ready when they enter elementary school.

In addition to the Ascend Curriculum, Adventures in Learning utilizes the Kind Child curriculum. With Kind Child, children develop emotional intelligence through learning character traits and social skills each month. Adventures in Learning is genuinely dedicated to the emotional well-being of your child!

To learn more about our number one pre k school in Oswego, IL, schedule a visit or give them a call at 630-701-6607.

Parent Review:

This place is the best place to trust your child! The teachers and directors love all the kids, and all the teachers know all the kids. It’s a huge family. My son has grown and developed way beyond his age because of his amazing teachers. You won’t find anything better in the area!-Parent Review via Facebook

2. Montessori Children’s Garden

Montessori Children’s Garden takes an individualized approach to education. The program uses the Montessori method to develop each child to reach his/her highest potential. Through student-led activities, children learn through independence and personal interest. Additionally, as an accredited Montessori program, Children’s Garden emphasizes each child’s learning potential.

Parent Review:

Through peer, independent, and guided activities, my girls have blossomed and gained a love of learning. The school fosters a sense of accomplishment through a safe and nurturing environment. Community is very important: students help others, events bring whole families in, and cultures and choices are respected. The staff is welcoming, friendly, and respectful. We could not have asked for a better start to our girls’ education! -Parent Review via Great Schools

3. The Goddard School of Naperville

Through planned learning experiences and lesson plans, The Goddard School of Naperville teaches children literacy and math, as well as other skills. Each lesson is tailored to your child’s needs, age, and personal development. Additionally, teachers encourage students to explore their interests and cultivate confidence. In a safe and secure environment, children are indeed able to prepare for elementary school.

Parent Review:

We sent our child to Goddard school in her Kindergarten year. She had an amazing and fulfilling experience there. The administrative staff is very supportive and always jumps in for a special need. The memories we collected here will remain with us forever.-Parent Review via Google

4. Montessori Academy

Montessori Academy believes focus, teamwork, adaptability, and critical thinking are central to any learning environment. This pre k program teaches math, language, science, cultural studies, and geography. Moreover, children are encouraged to develop motor skills and learn through sensory activities. The unique Montessori curriculum at this pre k school in Oswego, IL, is sure to nurture your little one as s/he grows and learns!

Parent Review:

Montessori Academy is a wonderful school. We’re thoroughly happy our child is a student there. Their campus is beautiful and allows for daily interaction with nature and space to play outside. There are even organic gardens that the children tend! A magical place. We feel that our child is nurtured in all aspects of living – physically, intellectually, spiritually, socially – at Montessori Academy. The staff is caring and accessible. The enrichment programs offered at MA are varied and interesting. We love it there.-Parent Review via Great Schools

5. Lighthouse Academy Plainfield

Lighthouse Academy Plainfield has a highly academic, comprehensive curriculum. The highly trained teachers at Lighthouse Academy provide a balance of nurturing love and a highly structured educational curriculum. Your child will learn literacy, math, art, music, drama, science, and nature with this advanced program!

Parent Review:

Best in town by far! I love everything about it. Couldn’t ask for better service than this.-Parent Review via Facebook

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