The Skills Based Learning Journey

At Adventures in Learning, our curriculum strives to meet the needs of each child in their current stage of development.  Our intent is to develop a child’s love of learning, which will form the foundation for future growth.  We all know that learning is a lifelong process; however, the most optimal times for learning exist when the brain is more capable of absorbing new information.

We follow “The Creative Curriculum” which is a research based curriculum tool kit.   It is a guide that teachers use to support the social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development skills of each child.  It also provides information for teachers to plan developmentally appropriate lessons and activities.  We also have lots of scheduled time for play, which has been proven one of the best learning tools a child can have.

Social & Emotional Development

Our curriculum encourages children to express their feelings in an environment where they can then develop a sense of understanding and trust. We provide children with social opportunities and positive interactions to promote self-esteem. Socialization is a large part of a child’s growth and development. Helping children socialize not only builds self-esteem, but also helps them realize they are important individuals within a group.

Fine & Gross Motor Development

Keeping a child’s physical needs met is important. Respecting the ability of each child helps the teacher focus on what a child is physically capable of achieving. A classroom environment that safely challenges each child while providing guidance and developmental opportunities is what we strive for.

Cognitive Development

Not all children learn at the same rate. Some children will grasp a concept almost immediately, while others might take longer. The teacher provides curriculum to educate each child. Once a child understands a concept or completes a task, the teacher might provide that child with a new project or she might encourage that child by asking that child questions. If a child is having trouble grasping a concept the teacher will provide activities that will help that child learn and understand the new concept. Each teacher plans age/individual appropriate activities each week.

Enrichment Programs

The educational curriculum includes introduction to Spanish, Music and Computers. These programs are included in the weekly fee for full-time students.

Gymnastic classes are available to children 2 to 6 years of age at a special rate.