Oh, Baby! Creative Coed Baby Shower Games for All

Baby showers are organized celebrations heralding the arrival of a new child. They used to be thrown for and by women only, with men finding something else to do while their significant others were attending a shower.

Today, however, showers involving both parents are gaining popularity. This has led to a demand for coed baby shower games that include men just as much as they do women.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the games you can consider for your coed shower.

Check Out These Fun Coed Baby Shower Games!

1. Word Scrambles

Word scrambles are a fun and innovative way to get all of your baby shower guests involved! To play, scramble around ten to twenty common baby items on paper, such as stroller, diaper, and pacifier. Each attendee is given a time limit to find the predetermined words. The player that finds all the words first or finds the most words in the time limit wins. You could even make it a little more competitive by putting everyone on teams.

2. Battle of the Sexes

To play this game, first, create a list of baby-related questions. Next, have the men play against the women, each team taking turns answering the questions. The winning group is determined by the party that answers the most questions correctly. “Battle of the sexes” is a perfect game to help ensure everyone involved is having a great time. As an option, you could add more than trivia questions. Make it fun and silly!

3. Stroller Racing

This can be an excellent choice for coed baby shower games, but perhaps not for the mother-to-be herself. First, gather several dolls and strollers. Consider creating obstacles to make the course a bit more engaging and exciting before you begin. The goal is to make it through the race first without dropping the doll from the stroller. This game is best played outside where there is more room. Place items on the ground to weave around, go over and under, and more.

4. Change the Baby: Double Duty

This game involves teamwork. Once the teams are created, teams choose which person will use which hand during the game. For example, one person uses only their right hand while the other uses only their left. Then, the team has to change a diaper on a baby doll, using teamwork to get the job done. The team that finishes first (and does it correctly) wins!

5. What is In the Diaper?

This game entails melting different chocolate flavors in diapers and then blindfolding attendees. For example, you could have dark, milk, mint, or even hot pepper flavored chocolate. Each player has to guess what kind of chocolate is in the various diapers by using their sense of smell. Whoever gets the right answer to most of the chocolate flavors is declared the winner.

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